Volunteering – Getting to know the writer

by jdstephens13

       noun /ˌvälənˈtir/ 
       volunteers, plural

  • A person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task
  • A person who works for an organization without being paid 


The choice to volunteer is one we make to better ourselves and the others around us. Not for any public recognition or personal gain; there is no monetary value placed in our actions. Those of us who make the decision are proud to know we have made a difference in the lives of others; simply seeing the smiles on their face create the warmth we need to know we have done more than live in this world, we have touched another heart and inspired a soul.

My personal volunteer organizations are:

  •      Red Cross – Midsouth Chapter
  •      Humane Society of Memphis/Shelby County
  •      Midsouth Peace and Justice Center
  •      River Arts Festival
  •      The Orpheum
  •      Literacy Midsouth
  •      The Children’s Museum of Memphis
  •      Lebonheur Children’s Hospital
  •      Midsouth Food Bank
  •      Stand for Children – Tennessee
  •      War Against Child Abuse

5k run/walks and the like

  •      LuvGlo
  •      LuvMud
  •      Color Me Rad
  •      Healthy Shelby 5k

I want to eventually join the Peace Corps and spend my life helping those less fortunate. I am also a college student; I study Digital Media Studies with a hopeful dual major in Public Relations and Computer Science. I help take care of my father who has health issues. I had a job, however my own health problems caused me to leave. So, I spend most of my days helping my father, my family and volunteering. 

In my opinion, life is all about expanding yourself and strangthening your soul. Strength of the body, mind, and soul. Educating the masses on peace and hope will someday help our world to beieve in tolerance and love amoung all. 

Its life, live it free or die in a cage dreaming.